CADReader Privacy Policy

this policy only applies to the CADReader APP products or services of Beijing glodon yuntu dream technology co.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Yuntu).

Last update date: December 20, 2021

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This Privacy Policy will help you understand the following:

1. How we collect and use your personal information

2. How we use cookies and similar technologies

3. How do we share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information

4. How do we protect and save your personal information


6. Our policy on minors

7. How to update this policy

8. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

9. How to contact us

This Privacy Policy is closely related to the CADReader APP service you use and the various business functions included in the service (hereinafter collectively referred to as "our products and/or services"). / or before the service, read and confirm that you have fully understood the contents of this Privacy Policy, and allow you to make the choices you deem appropriate in accordance with the guidelines of this Privacy Policy. For the relevant terms involved in this Privacy Policy, we try to be concise and concise, and provide links to further explanations for your better understanding. By using or continuing to use our products and/or services after we update this Privacy Policy (we will promptly remind you of the update), it means that you agree to the content of this Privacy Policy (including the updated version), and agree that we will follow this Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Collection, use, storage and sharing of information about you.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or related matters, you can contact us at any time by emailing or calling our customer service number 010-56403073.

1. How we collect and use your information

Personal information refers to various information recorded by e-mail or other means that can identify the identity of a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person alone or in combination with other information. The personal information involved in this privacy policy includes: basic information (email address).

Personal sensitive information refers to personal information that, once leaked, illegally provided or abused, may endanger personal and property safety, easily lead to damage to personal reputation, physical and mental health, or discriminatory treatment. This product/service does not collect personal sensitive information .

We will only collect and use your personal information for the following purposes:

(1) Situations where you must authorize us to collect and use your personal information

We may collect, save and use the following information about you. If you do not provide relevant information, you will not be able to enjoy the corresponding functions of the products and/or services we provide. These features include:

1. Realize the functions of registration and login

(1) User registration

When you register a personal account, you need to provide us with the email and password you plan to use, and we will send you an email verification code to verify your login

(2) Login function

When you log in to this APP account, you need to use your account name and password to verify and identify your identity, or you can directly send SMS to verify your login.

(3) Get application version number

The user's software list will be read by default during use, mainly to obtain the version number of your own application, and will not actively obtain the information of other applications

2. Realize the function of viewing drawings

When you are using the CADReadering mobile terminal, we need to open your storage permission to open the drawings normally; other permissions (such as photo albums, microphones) will only be displayed in the APP with your express authorization It is used to implement functions or provide services, and personal information will not be collected when the functions or services are not required. When you are viewing the drawings, if you want to add photo annotations, you need to manually authorize the use of the album; similarly, if you want to add voice annotations, you need to manually authorize the use of the microphone. These permissions are designed to better allow You experience our product features and enjoy better service.

You can choose whether to authorize or not when prompted by the pop-up window. You can also enable or revoke the authorization for the current APP on the permission management page of the mobile phone system. You can check the status of the above permissions in your device system and decide to enable or disable these permissions at any time. Please note that by opening these permissions, you authorize us to collect and use this personal information to achieve the above functions. If you close the permissions, you cancel these authorizations, and we will no longer continue to collect and use your personal information, and we will not be able to provide you with the above-mentioned functions corresponding to these authorizations. Your decision to close the permission will not affect the processing of personal information previously based on your authorization.

(2) You must authorize us to collect and use your personal information

(1) Related to national security and national defense security;

(2) Related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

(3) Related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments;

(4) It is difficult to obtain the consent of the person in order to protect the life and property of the personal information subject or other individuals and other major legitimate rights and interests;

(5) The collected personal information is disclosed to the public by the personal information subject or guardian;

(6) Your personal information is collected from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels;

(7) Necessary to conclude a contract according to your request;

(8) Necessary for maintaining the safe and stable operation of the provided products and/or services, such as finding and disposing of product and/or service failures;

(9) Necessary for legitimate news reporting;

(10) It is necessary for academic research institutions to conduct statistical or academic research based on public interests, and when providing academic research or description results, the personal information contained in the results is de-identified;

(11) Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

(3) Information we collect during your use of products and services

We collect information about your use of our products or services and how you use them, including:

Device information: We will receive and record information related to the device you use (device model, operating system version, device environment and other software and hardware feature information) according to the specific permissions you have granted in the installation and/or use of the software.

Service log information: When you use the products or services provided by our website or client, we will automatically collect your service logs and operation logs, so that we can better improve our products

Please understand that individual device information, log information, etc. are information that cannot identify the identity of a specific natural person. Unless such non-personal information is combined with other information to identify a specific natural person, or used in combination with personal information, then during the combined use, such non-personal information will be considered personal information, and we will Personal information is anonymized and de-identified (except for your authorization or as otherwise provided by laws and regulations).

When you contact us, in order to verify your identity and help you solve your problem, we may record your conversation with us and collect other necessary information to solve the problem.

(4) Rules for the use of your personal information

1. We will use the personal information collected in accordance with the stipulations of this Privacy Policy and in order to realize the functions of our products and/or services.

2. After collecting your personal information, we will de-identify the data through technical means, and the de-identified information will not be able to identify the subject. Please understand and agree that in this case, we have the right to use the de-identified information; and without disclosing your personal information, we have the right to analyze the user database and make commercial use.

3. Please note that all personal information you provide when using our products and/or services, unless you delete or refuse our collection through system settings, will be used when you use our products and/or services. During this period, we continue to authorize our use. When you cancel your account, we will stop using and delete your personal information.

4. We will collect statistics on the usage of our products and/or services, and may share these statistical information with the public or third parties to show the overall usage trends of our products and/or services. However, these statistics do not contain any identifying information about you.

5. When we display your personal information, we will desensitize your information by means of content replacement and anonymization to protect your information security.

6. When we want to use your personal information for other purposes not specified in this Privacy Policy, or use the information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, we will use the information you tick on your own initiative. form to seek your prior consent.

Second, how we use cookies and similar technologies

1. We will not use cookies for any purpose other than those described in this Privacy Policy. You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences. The deletion method includes: uninstalling the APP; finding the APP in the application management of the mobile phone settings, and deleting the cache in the "Storage" related options.

3. How we share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information


1. We will not share your personal information with any company, organization or individual other than Yuntu, except in the following cases and the following Article 2:

(1) Obtain your express consent or authorization in advance;

(2) Provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, requirements of legal procedures, mandatory administrative or judicial requirements;

(3) To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, it is necessary to protect the related parties or partners of Yuntu, or the public interest, property or safety from damage;

(4) Only by sharing your personal information can we realize the core functions of our products and/or services or provide the services you need;

(5) To handle disputes or disputes between you and others according to your needs;

(6) It is provided in accordance with the relevant agreements signed with you or your company (including the corresponding platform rules) or other legal documents;

(7) Used based on academic research;

(8) It is used based on social and public interests that comply with laws and regulations.

2. We may share your personal information with our affiliates. However, we will only share necessary personal information and are bound by the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. If our affiliates want to change the purpose of processing personal information, they will seek your authorization again.

The express list of personal information collected by CADReader APP

Business Scenario Purpose of collection Collection Method Personal Information Field
Sign in Used to register and create an account, improve network identity User input, APP collection email, account password

In order to provide you with better services, we have embedded third-party SDKs in the CADReader APP. These third-party SDKs may collect your personal information to cooperate with us to provide you with more comprehensive services . We will try our best to control and protect the collection of your personal information, please refer to the privacy policies of such third parties for relevant privacy practices. CADReader APP third-party shared information list:

Third party name Purpose of Use Function Type Involves personal information Third-party official website link
Google use admob admob sdk Personal common device information (such as IMEI/IMSI, SIM card serial number/MAC address, android_id)

(2) Transfer

We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual, with the following exceptions:

1. Obtain your express consent or authorization in advance;

2. Provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, requirements of legal procedures, mandatory administrative or judicial requirements;

3. Provided in accordance with the relevant agreements signed with you or your company (including the corresponding platform rules) or other legal documents;

4. When it comes to mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers or similar transactions, if it involves the transfer of personal information, we will require new companies and organizations that hold your personal information to continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy, otherwise, We will require the company or organization to seek authorization from you again.

4. How do we protect the security of personal information

(1) Our technology and measures to protect your personal information

We will adopt industry-standard security protection measures, including establishing reasonable system specifications and security technologies to prevent your personal information from being accessed, used and modified without authorization, and to avoid data damage or loss. Yuntu adopts encryption technology to encrypt and store users' personal information, and isolate them through isolation technology. Manage and regulate the storage and use of personal information by establishing a data classification system, data security management specifications, and data security development specifications. Yuntu conducts comprehensive security control of data through information contact confidentiality agreements, monitoring and auditing mechanisms. We use encryption technology (such as SSL) in some services to protect the personal information you provide.

Personal information contained in the process of registering an account and using our products and services, we only allow employees and partners of Yuntu and its affiliates who need to know the information to access, and process it based on reasonable processing needs arising from their work . We also require all personnel who may have access to your personal information to fulfill corresponding confidentiality obligations. Failure to fulfill these obligations may result in legal liability or termination of the partnership with Yuntu.

We take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that irrelevant personal information is not collected. We will only retain your personal information for as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, unless an extended retention period is required or permitted by law.

(2) Storage of your personal information

1. Your personal information will be stored in the People's Republic of China. We do not currently transfer or store your personal information across borders. If cross-border transmission or storage is required in the future, we will inform you of the purpose, recipient, security assurance measures and security risks of the information going abroad, and obtain your consent

2. After you successfully apply for account cancellation, we will complete the review of your account cancellation within two working days of your application. After the review, we will delete or anonymize your personal information. .

3. If we terminate the service or operation, we will notify you at least 30 days in advance, and delete or anonymize your personal information after the termination of the service or operation.


In accordance with relevant data protection laws, you have the following rights in relation to our use of your information:

1. You have the right to request access to your information;

2. If the information is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request to update or modify your information;

3. For specific reasons related to you, you have the right to object to certain uses of your information (including direct marketing, data profiling, processing based on legitimate interests, and processing for scientific or historical research and statistics) ;

4. Under certain circumstances, you have the right to request the deletion of your information or to limit the use of your information:

(1) If our handling of personal information violates laws and regulations

(2) If we collect and use your personal information without your consent;

(3) If our handling of personal information violates our agreement with you;

(4) If we terminate the service and operation.

If we decide to respond to your deletion request, we will also notify the entities that have obtained your personal information from us and require them to delete it in a timely manner, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations, or those entities obtain your independent authorization. If we respond to your deletion request, we cannot guarantee that the corresponding information will be deleted from the backup system immediately, but will delete the information when the backup system is updated.

5. Change the scope of your authorization or withdraw your authorization:

Please understand that each business function requires some basic personal information to be completed. When you withdraw your consent or authorization, we cannot continue to provide you with the services corresponding to the withdrawal of consent or authorization, nor will we process your corresponding services. personal information. However, your decision to withdraw your consent or authorization will not affect the previous processing of personal information based on your authorization.

6. Device permission call

In the process of providing services, Yuntu will call some of your device permissions, you can choose to close some or all of the permissions in the device settings, thereby denying Yuntu the collection and use of the corresponding personal information. Different devices have different permission display methods and closing methods. Please refer to the device or system development instructions and guidelines. Your device system may open other permissions while authorizing the necessary information, and Yuntu itself cannot close the authorization through manual or automatic settings.

7, cancel the account

You can apply to cancel your account. After you cancel your account, we will stop providing you with products and/or services, and at your request, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, we will delete your personal information. Once the account is cancelled, it cannot be recovered. Please back up all information and data related to the account before operation. After you cancel your account, you will no longer be able to use this account, and you will not be able to retrieve any content or information in your account or related to your account.

You can contact us to exercise your rights, or you can exercise your rights to access, update and delete information, and cancel your account through your apps and products, and we will assist you in exercising your rights. If you have any questions about these rights or wish to exercise them, please send an email to [].

For security reasons, we may require a written request from you, or provide your identification document, and we will respond to your request within 15 days of receiving your feedback and verifying your identity. For your reasonable requests, we do not charge fees in principle, but for repeated requests that exceed reasonable limits, we will charge a certain cost as appropriate. For those that are unnecessarily repetitive, require excessive technical means (eg, need to develop new systems or fundamentally change existing practices), pose risks to the legitimate rights and interests of others, or are highly impractical (eg, involve backing up information stored on tapes). requests, we may refuse them.

VI. Terms of Use for Minors

We do not provide services to minors under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly or knowingly collect personal data of minors. If you are a minor, you will not be allowed to use and install our products or create an account that belongs to you unless your parents provide express consent and such consent can be verified.

7. How to update this policy

1. In order to provide you with better services and with the development of business, this Privacy Policy will also be updated accordingly. However, we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent. We will issue an updated version on the mobile terminal of the product and remind you of the update of the relevant content through a website announcement or other appropriate means before it takes effect. Please also visit to keep abreast of the latest privacy policy.

2. For major changes, we will also provide more prominent notices (we will explain the specific changes to the privacy policy by means of, but not limited to, emails, text messages, or special reminders on the browsing page).

Material changes referred to in this Privacy Policy include, but are not limited to:

(1) Our service model has undergone major changes. Such as the purpose of processing personal information, the type of personal information processed, the way of using personal information, etc.;

(2) The main objects of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure have changed;

(3) Your right to participate in the processing of personal information and the way you exercise it have undergone significant changes;

(4) When our contact information and complaint channels for personal information processing change;

VIII. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

1. Applicable law

The implementation, interpretation and dispute resolution of this policy shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China, without regard to any conflict of laws.

2. Dispute Resolution

Any dispute between you and our products and/or services regarding the content of this policy or its implementation shall be resolved through friendly negotiation; if both parties cannot resolve the dispute through negotiation, both parties agree to submit the dispute to the people's court where the defendant is domiciled ruling.

3. How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us at:

Company name: Beijing glodon yuntu dream technology co.,LTD.

Email address:

Customer Service Tel: 010-56403073

Mailing address: Room 210, 2nd Floor, Building A, Building A, No. 8, Dongbei Wangxi Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Yuntu is fully aware of the importance of personal information to you, and will do its best to protect the safety and reliability of your personal information. We are committed to maintaining your trust in us and abide by the following principles to protect your personal information: the principle of consistency of rights and responsibilities, the principle of clear purpose, the principle of choice and consent, the principle of minimum necessity, the principle of ensuring security, the principle of subject participation, the principle of openness and transparency, etc. At the same time, we promise that we will take appropriate security protection measures to protect your personal information in accordance with mature security standards in the industry. Please read and understand this Privacy Policy carefully before using our products (or services).